Prime 3D features

Prime 3D features

The Basics

  • (PRS) Position, Rotate, and Scale entities(ent) by direct entry for high precision placement, or use the “edit gizmo” to drag your ent into place.
  • Simple alignment tools such as “look at” , “orient to”, “move to” , and the ability to apply any of the PRS values saved or direct entered to any selected ent. This mas a great way to set up many ents very quick.

copyclone_1 copyclone_2

  • ┬áCopy & Clone of entities, where you can decide if it is just an instance of the original mesh or a standalone copy.
  • Basic animation playback (& very soon editing) of animated meshes / bones.

New features are added and improved daily :


  • Aug 3 11 :: P3D supports advanced playback of animated meshes. It has a tool bar devoted to the playback controls. You can change anim tracks and step frame by frame or even key frame by key frame through a track.
  • ┬áNF / NB shaders are supported in the materials tool window. You can load and apply the shader in it’s default state. The shaders are applied to the active clipboard brush , and the be set back onto the selected ent. As such you can have shader active brushes in the brush pallet now, making quick work of applying shaders to your scene ents .
  • When you save a entity you will be asked if you want P3D to collect all the used textures into the target folder for you . This will grow to support shaders very soon.
  • On load of a file , or import , P3D will ask you if you want the entity optimized for faster display in engine. For now it is only available on load, will become a standard tool , with an octaves / slices setting.
  • You can name a ent for easy location in your game. So you can create as complex a scene as you like in one solid .N3D file.
  • The ability to set properties of ent’s from basic vertex colors, rite down to how they will be drawn & in what order in you game.
  • Supports NF made plug-ins , as P3D was built with NF , so it can be thought of as its SDK base. You can make a custom plug-in using NF & C++ , and P3D will apply whatever it is for you , and that same plug-in could be used in your game.
  • Some collision based placement tools and terrain tools coming on-line soon.

Mesh Animations


  • You can edit and create the animations of ant Ent you load or create rite in P3D! No need to use a extra app to simple animations .
  • Mesh and Bone animations are supported , deformations of mesh must be done using Bones , plain mesh deformations are not supported at this time.
  • You can animate all sorts of stuff , from object and characters in a scene , to a pivot to be used as a animated camera flight path . You Tube Link



  • User can change the colors of the GUI by editing a settings LUA script.
  • Extended Functions and Possibilities:
  • Use P3D to make true 3D ( stereo lithography / SL). A user can place a cam at one point take a screen cap , then place a cam at a 2nd “eye” location such as a physical SL cam would have . Take a 2nd matching but slightly different screen cap , use 3rd party 2d editor to overlay and tint the images red and green or cyan & green depending on 3d glasses .

Example How it works

how 3d cam works 1 true3d_TriShark_1